Commercial Insurance

Every Business has different insurance needs. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to selling insurance. Our agency can offer a comprehensive review of the coverage you need and supply advisement for any risks involved. Trying to navigate the tricky waters of the economic climate? Fortner’s agents are the people you can trust to design a strategy plan to guide and protect your business, its assets and the employees who work for you. We not only write comprehensive insurance coverage for our customers, we create a long-term relationship of trust, knowledge and professional ethics in whatever situation you encounter.

Property / Liability

If you run a small business, what you don’t know about business insurance can hurt you. You have no need to fear because Fortner Insurance Agency is prepared to help you sort through the multifaceted aspects of Property and Liability insurance for your business. We are experts with a vast amount of knowledge, experience and resources to guide you through the terminology without becoming overwhelmed. Basic business property insurance covers your business against unforeseen losses due to fire, lighting, vandalism, and other mishaps.

Liability insurance provides coverage in case your business is sued for something it did or didn’t do, that result in property damage, or injury to someone. This policy would cover the cost of damages awarded to the injured party, as well as the costs associated with your defense in a lawsuit.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto coverage insures vehicles that are owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by businesses, whether they are corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, or non-profit entities. Auto coverage includes autos, all types of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, and buses. Contact Fortner Insurance today for a review of your business automobile policy.

Workers Compensation

In many States, Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandatory for employers to carry a policy for their employees in case of possible injuries incurred on the job. We can customize your policy and provide accurate classification on the duties performed by your employees. Our Agency has access to many insurance partners so we can create a custom tailored quote to help you find the best workers’ compensation coverage available.

Directors & Officers

This product protects the directors and officers of organizations in the event of a suit for an actual or alleged wrongful act in connection with management.

Errors & Omissions

Under this policy, specific customers are protected from liability arising from a negligent acts, error, or omission in the performance of their professional service. An important benefit of this product is coverage for legal defense costs. Even when found innocent, the legal costs can be substantial.

EPLI- Employment Practices

Business owners with employees need EPLI to cover claims for harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination. EPLI coverage is also included to help protect the organization in the event that an employee brings a suit or administrative charge related to the organization’s employment practices. They may include charges for sexual harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination. Our agency can offer a comprehensive depth of coverage and supply advisement for any risks involved.


Confused on what kind of business policies your company needs? Let Fortner Insurance review your current policies to assess if you have the correct coverage and we can custom build policies that work best for your business plan. Business umbrella insurance is coverage that provides additional protection for your business in issues of liability and protection against lawsuits that could result in punitive damages. This coverage often extends to cover liabilities of employees and others who act on your behalf. Once your business liability is exhausted, a business umbrella policy can cover the costs and expenses you would be responsible for.


Commercial Insurance FAQ