We can save you time and best of all, save you money by making sure you have the most complete and comprehensive coverage to cover your most expensive investment- your home. We invest in our customers by building long-term relationships with them so we know their needs and give them solid advice to make sure they have the correct coverage and best protection for all their assets. Whether you need a standard homeowner’s policy, coverage or a policy for a luxury home, we can offer all types of homeowner’s options with the various companies we represent. Explore the possibilities with one of our experts.

Insurance on a Secondary Home

Do you own a vacation home, cabin, or maybe a beach house that offers peace and tranquility to your life? Most people, who have a secondary home, are not there as often and may not realize what coverage is needed to protect their investment. Insuring your second home is different from insuring your primary residence. At Fortner Insurance Agency we can help you find the protection package that suits your situation, whether you’ll be using your secondary home a little, or a lot, renting it out, or sharing it with other families. Give us a call today!

Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Yes, your personal contents are covered anywhere in the world by the contents coverage of your homeowners policy.